AusPost address guidelines including Traditional Place names

Has any other Australian added their traditional place name to their Postcrossing address?

For all their slowness in actually delivering mail (!), AusPost were pretty quick to respond to the original petition:


Wow this is really amazing! I hope I can come across an Australian address with the traditional place name included one day.

A few members have updated their addresses.

Oh that is so cool!! :smiley: I had no clue at all!
Should update my address definitely!

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Great idea, updating my address now.

It took me a while to find it, but the traditional name for central Melbourne is Narrm. I believe this only applies to the CBD and a little way further.

And here’s in ABC article with a selection of names of other Melbourne suburbs.

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I just found this website for Victoria, which lets you find the Registered Aboriginal Parties, ie. the bodies that are the recognised traditional owners, for most of Victoria.