Asking for postcards from uncommon places for my classroom

Hi there! I’ve done postcrossing with my students from Indiana (U.S.A.) for a couple of years now and love it! However, I’ve noticed there are some areas of the world that are under-represented on postcrossing compared to others. My students come from diverse backgrounds and I know they want to see their diversity in the postcards we receive too. So I’m always asking specifically for postcards from Central America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa that I can use in my classroom to supplement the other postcards we receive from other great, but more common, places!

Send to this address if you are willing to help! Thank you!
Attn. Emma Leary
1250 Airport Rd
Brownsburg, IN 46112


Sent pm!

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Does it make any difference to you whether the cards are written-on or blank? Regards, JamesC

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pm sent

I would prefer written-on, but blank is fine too. Thanks!

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Will be sending one from Hong Kong

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Thank you!

Can they be sent from the USA, Europe etc. if the card is from a rare country? What is the age range of your students?

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I mailed a card from California. The card is of Punjab, my friends home country. I hope your students will enjoy it.

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Yes! My students are 13-14.

One of our eighth grade standards is to be able to distinguish between heritage, traditions, attitudes, and beliefs. I would love it if you could write about YOUR heritage, traditions, attitudes, and/or beliefs so we can practice this skill. Other than that, feel free to tell us about your daily life, where you are from, advice you have for my students, or anything else you think would be appropriate for 13 and 14 year olds!

Thank you!

Hi there,
Will a South African postcard do, if posted from England?

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I can send a postcard from Russia with the image of UNESCO heritage, or just the nature of Russia.
Is this postcard right for you?

I am a Sri Lankan Tamil & live in England, Uk. Would you like to receive a postcard on Sri Lanka?

Yes, thank you!

That would be great, thanks!

Yes, that would be wonderful! Thank you!

Posted on Saturday.

I will send one from Ireland Cobh and write a little bit about the history of my town.

I will send it tomorrow

Great, then in the next couple of days I will send