Asked to write Address in Chinese

I was asked to write a address in Chinese to send a postcard
I’m not able to do that
What do i do?

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Print it and stick on a card with a good glue or tape.


Do not have printer

In this case I’d write the address in English - I don’t see another possibility without access to a printer. The card will arrive, it’ll only take longer, because it probably has to be translated at the Chinese post office.


do you know anyone who has a printer nearby. or maybe the local library with computer access and can print that address, along with other addresses you can print. it would be faster to send a postcard with a chinese script. good luck whatever you do.


Just write in English.

I read somewhere in this forum: when you write the address in English, you help the translator in Post Office to secure their job.


Write it in English.

Or you paint off the address.
I always do that and my cards usually arrive.
A thin pen, enlarge the font in the browser and you’re ready to go.


Like @Bille said and simply copy the address stroke by stroke.
Also, remember that even addresses written in bad handwriting arrive in your own country, it’s the same in China. :wink:
(Find more info here.)


I’m in the same situation as you. I write in English, both for myself and my husband (I write his addresses because of his dreadful writing), and they arrive. The only one I sent to China that was never registered was when I attempted to write the address in Chinese. I guess I made too many mistakes and the address made no sense to them.

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Just write in English (actually it’s pinyin of original Chinese)

I can assure you that post office offers translation on cards when I receive them, no way to miss it in English address. Don’t worry!


It is not known whether the profile is written in Chinese.
The user is simply asking for his address to be written in Chinese.
This is not forbidden, but just like requests for cards, this request does not have to be fulfilled.
But if someone can print out the address in Chinese or write it themselves, that’s perfectly fine.


There’s no need to report anything without knowing exactly what was going on.

We just know that the TO was asked to write the address in Chinese. We do neither know how it was asked (polite? rude?) nor if it was written on a profile or in a private message for a private swap.

Why always reporting each and everything?



Ty everyone for the information and advice

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Postmen are able to read the address written in English.
So just write English instead!


Why my post is always reported

Hi Cheryl!

In order to sign up for Postcrossing, members need to provide a valid and working address, that is written in Latin characters. Maybe the person has noticed addresses written in Chinese arrive faster, or they’re unsure about the translation/transliteration they’re using…

Do send the team a message about this on the Contact form, when you can — not to report anyone, but just so that we can help that member write their address in a way that people who can’t write Chinese characters can still easily send them a postcard.

I’m sure we’ll be able to help! :slight_smile: