Are US-Taiwan postcards taking a long time?

I have one still traveling after 24 days. Is that normal, or should I be worried?


My first thought is that 24 days of travelling from USA to Taiwan isn’t a cause for worry.

I’ve looked at the profiles of the members sending the most postcards from USA (Explore > Seach > Members > Country: USA > Order by postcards sent).

  1. Averge travel time to Taiwan: 20 days. Median: 16 days.
  2. Averge travel time to Taiwan: 22 days. Median: 16 days.
  3. Averge travel time to Taiwan: 22 days. Median: 16 days.

No need to worry yet, 24 days of travelling is normal.

Postcrossing (and snail mail in general) requires patience. Most of the time, the mail gets there.


One of my longest traveling postcards took about 180 days to reach Taiwan, so I wouldn’t worry. (Though that one wasn’t sent from the USA) Surprisingly enough, one time a postcard from Taiwan sent to me took only three days to arrive though :sweat_smile:

Hi, I live East Coast USA, and I just received a Taiwan card that took 26 days. My average received is 20 days. My average sent is 58 :open_mouth: So you are ok still.


24 days is not really a long time in any circumstances…


how about 7 days :smiley: I received a postcard from Taiwan today :slight_smile:

Well it had the address printed and the country name in Locel letters too and it was going to Germany
but nevertheless a cool short travel time :wink:

Just received a card from Taiwan to New York…77 days

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No you don’t have reason to worry! Sometimes the postal services take a long time and sometimes they are quick and efficient. I have a postcard US-Russia that has taken almost 100 days! Don’t worry it’ll get there soon!

I’m guessing (just a speculation) this might be because Taiwan isn’t a UPU member, and mail has to be routed through a third country (usually the US or Japan, I think). Of course this wouldn’t explain the time taken from the US though…

Interesting, thank you. I didn’t know it about UPU
I think my postcard to Taiwan is likely to expire soon but maybe will reach in the end.

One of my Postcards to Taiwan has been traveling for more than 100 days :confused: from India. I believe you cards traveling time isn’t that big cause for concern just now.