Are these viewcards?

I bought 2 sets of these postcards at the post office. I’m not sure if they are 100% viewcards. Can I participate in viewcards robins with them?

What are the rules of the round robin? They look like perfectly fine view cards to me.

The only one I can find specifies that the cards need to be storebought and new and the views need to be of your own country. Are they?

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Hello ,

You can read the “theme / rules” of the RR in the first topic .

For this RR, you can send view cards

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viewcards from the city. But due to historical peculiarities, there are mainly cathedrals in Kyiv. But usually I see others on the site / forum. Therefore, I decided to clarify.

Yes, they are viewcards. I do not take part in round robins, so I will not judge if they are fine for that, but they are definately fine for the official postcrossing.


Thanks for answers. I’m sure now :slight_smile: It’s just that I have not seen such a style in the viewcards section before and it confused me.

They are definitely viewcards. I recently joined a RR with the topic of buildings. I clarified with the moderator that I didn’t want churches or other religious buildings in cards that I received. I could withdraw my name if that wasn’t possible, but the other members were okay with my request.

I understand, but it is more of a story (the only thing that has survived the centuries). But I think I will clarify about these cards, with the participation in such robins. small selection of something else in photo format :frowning:

They look like postcards to me. Ones that I would enjoy getting. Occasionally someone will say " send only views if your country " but they are in the minority. Many people will enjoy getting these cards.

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They are really interesting cards!

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