Are there any postcards from/about Verona (North Dakota and/or Wisconsin)?

Hi all, I’m Giulia from Italy

I live in Verona, the so called “city of love of Romeo and Juliet”
I know there is places called Verona in North Dakota and in Wisconsin

I was wondering if there are postcards from/about those places, I think it would be cool to get one and swap it for a postcard about “my” Verona

Let me know, thanks

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Verona Beach is a hamlet in Oneida County, New York, United States. The community is located along the eastern shore of Oneida Lake and New York State Route 13. A hamlet means it is very small. I couldn’t even find a population for the place.

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so… what about postcards from/about Verona in North Dakota or Verona in Wisconsin? :muscle: