Are State Specific Stamps Available In Your Country?

I’ve recently discovered that in my country (Malaysia), we have state specific definitives and these stamps are only available in the state listed on the stamp.

I was just wondering if this was common in other countries?

These are just some examples! They even have the state flag on the stamps!

We have 13 state stamps and one Federal state stamps available.


We have them sometimes, here in Portugal — not so much for states (which we don’t have), but to highlight something from the different regions, or specific cities. Here are a couple of examples from my region:

I like them, as it feels like the stamp has an extra bit of interesting information. I often draw people’s attention to what is being shown and explain that it’s something typical from my area.


Not normally, however the United States will release a state series at 50 year intervals that commemorate the anniversary that that specific state joined the union. Each stamp has a design specific to the state.

The stamps are commemorative. They are available nationwide and in the territories.


In Spain, Correos started a series of stamps in 2017 featuring each one of the Spanish provinces. The series is called “12 meses, 12 sellos” (literally 12 months, 12 stamps) and each month since January 2017 one stamp for one province of Spain is released. That stamp is only available for sale in the province it represents, and in the design you can see different elements which are characteristic from the province:

However, the last stamps released in 2021 have completely changed the design style, and they have the image of a famous historic building from the province they represent:


We have a few provincial themed stamps, but they can be used from anywhere of the island.


@KRR those are beautiful covers!

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In India, we don’t have any state specific stamp. However, during special anniversary of a state’s statehood, India Post issues commemorative stamps. They are available nationwide and can be used anywhere in the country.
Example shows commemorative stamps celebrating statehood of Nagaland, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh.



In France, we do not have a specific stamp for each region. There are only the TAAF, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and St Pierre and Miquelon which have their own stamps.

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Oh wow, the orange stamp is really beautiful! We do have some stamps (usually special stamps) that highlight specific places from different states. They are normally touristy areas from what I’ve noticed, namely because they have the most history.

This stamp is a personal favorite of mine:

It’s of an island called Rawa Island located in Johor. It’s a private island that the Sultan of Johor owns, if I’m not mistaken. It is open to public though, but it’s quite difficult to get there. I’ve gone there once a few years ago and the sand was absolutely white! The water is very clear too. You can see fishes even while you’re far from shore. This island was featured in the movie Crazy Rich Asians too.


That’s really interesting!

Does that mean those stamps are only available for sale for a month? I would definitely love to collect one of these stamps one day if I ever visit Spain! This is such an interesting stamp concept

When Germany was split into two states the West-German “Deutsche Bundespost” submitted stamps with “Deutsche Bundespost Berlin” for usage from Berlin (West) which was under special status of the allies. But that is over since the (re-)union in 1990.

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Not at all! You can buy them from the moment they are issued in the post offices, as long as they have them in stock, I guess. And if you want to cheat a little, you can buy them all in the philately post office in Madrid :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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We occasionally have state stamps here in the US, typically around Bicentennial of statehood. Right now the USPS has Missouri stamps which as a resident, I love. I enjoy using our MO stamps when sending from home.


I didn’t know that! That’s so interesting

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That’s a beautiful stamp!

I live in Texas and we have had some issued like these

This musician Lydia Mendoza who has Texas flag in background

Then these are very Texas even though they don’t say it

And these are sets which every state has its own stamp

State birds :bird:


The birds stamps is very nice!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: The ones where the state name is on the stamps look really cool too. They look like miniature postcards to me. I definitely need to start looking out for state stamps on my postcards

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Pos Indonesia likes to release series that show the diversity of our 34 provinces. :slightly_smiling_face:

Traditional Houses :

Traditional Clothing :

Traditional Hats :

Flowers :

There’s also individual series like the latest 34th province North Kalimantan


Yes the US puts out quite a few state stamps. They used to make postcards with stamp designs,

so I picked up a box from eBay and also got the matching stamps. I send them out to profiles asking for large letter GF.