Archived messages in the forum keep popping up

I have noticed, that after archiving messages here in the new forum, they eventually pop up again in my mailbox, because some of the other recipients (e.g. of address group mails for RRs) delete themselves from the conversation.

This is very confusing, as the messages suddenly look unread (highlighted/bold) inmidst of the newer mail. When opening, they even look like before, exept for the very inconspicuous, greyed out line at the bottom: USER XY REMOVED THEMSELVES FROM THIS MESSAGE 1 DAY AGO. If you don’t happen to look at the date and miss to read the little line, you could possibly write those cards again by mistake. :sweat_smile: But the most annoying thing of course is having to archive that same message again. :triumph:

I know I probably could set the topic manually to normal instead of watching, but I think it could be a nice built-in feature to set the topic to normal or even muted after being archived.


+1 from me!

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Hi can I tag on to this, but in the old forum you could simply delete old messages, but I don’t see an option for it here, just to archive them, any help. Thanks. Danke for this post @Eikuno. :slight_smile:

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You can remove yourself from the conversation which is basically like deleting the message for yourself.

I agree that having to archive messages again and again is quite annoying.


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In the beginning I wanted to keep all messages archived, because what if I need to find something. But with option to remove yourself from conversation, and so many people using it, I start to consider to remove myself from messages, where I’m the only one left… (at least ones, where nothing important or nice was said)

I only see them pop up in the suggestion of changed topics in the bottom when I’m in my inbox, not in general notifications :thinking: Maybe we have different settings

That bugged me too, so now I leave the messages for Round Robins etc as soon as I have prepared all the cards for it. Problem solved, at least for me :wink: