Apple 🍏 stamp (1 cent) and Strawberry stamp (3 cents)

Well, USPS is making it harder to send variety of stamps on international postcards these days with the odd price increase —> I’m sticking 2x forever stamps, 1x 10 cents, 1x 3 cents and 1x 1 cent on postcards. Id love to buy the fruit stamps (apple :green_apple: 1 cent and strawberry :strawberry: 3 cents) but they only sell in coils of 3,000 stamps.

If anyone bought the entire foil and want to share, I’d love to buy it from you.

Or we can do group purchase.

Thank you


I would purchase as well! I was going to run to the PO today, but I don’t really like the Tiffany lamps! haha

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One of the jokers in my family got me to coil of 3,000 golden apple 1¢ stamps as a gift. I have been using them for the as many stamps as you can fit tag—18, I can fit 18 stamps on a postcard.

I am happy to sell up to around 1,500 of them.

I would be willing to join a group buy (or trade) for the strawberry 3¢ stamps (and the Meyer lemon 2¢ ones, as long as we’re talking about them).

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I’d be on board for all 3.

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I’m in for all three as well!

Just browsed through the Philatelic magazine the usps has starting sending me, since I started ordering so many stamps on line. I was looking at the apples thinking I wish I had someone to split with!


I, too, would purchase all three if someone has them to sell. A group purchase sounds good, too. Thanks for thinking of trying this!

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I have the 3 cent strawberries, and I’m willing to part with some of them. :smiley: Contact me by private message if you’re interested in a trade.

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I’d be interested in a buy for lemons, apples, and strawberries.

I would buy some strawberries and lemons. I have gobs of Tiffany lamps to use up :neutral_face: and shouldn’t buy any apples!


There is an active group buying these stamps. See this thread:


Op and everyone else. Invest in the coils. You’d be surprised how quickly they disappear. Yes they’re great for putting the exact amount.

I’m interested in all 3!!

Hi Quail, would love to trade postcards for your tiffany stamps if you are interested.