Anyone want a handmade card (acrylic paint)

I’m bored and I can’t think of anything to paint. I’ve got a few pieces of cardboard (3 to be exact) that are cut a ready to be used as postcards. Would anyone like one of these? Just comment below that you would like one and give me a list of things you like (birds, flowers etc) at least 3 would be nice. I only have 3 so I guess the first 3 people can have one. PM me with your address if and please comment so it’s clear that you want it.
Thank you and happy postcrossing!

(Also I’m pretty sure this goes on handmade but I don’t know. Move it if I’m incorrect)


I would love a handmade card with your art!

I like trees, wildflowers, and water birds.

Thanks for such a generous offer!

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Thank you! Nature is very fun to paint. I will tell you when i mail it!

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Thank you! I am thrilled when someone shares their art.

(And should you care to PM your address, I checked out your profile & have the perfect postcard for you! If not, absolutely no problem - just wanted to offer.)


Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Me! Me! Me please :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anything uP
(sky, :sunny:, moon, stars​:stars:)

Please and thank you!
(and only if I get to mail one back 2 u😉)

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Can I join, please? :cherry_blossom:

I like moon, butterflies and trees (like sakura or plum).

(And I have a perfect card to mail to you. Can you write me your address, please? I’ll send my address later :sparkles:)

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I know you said you had only 3, but if you decide to do more, I would love one. I enjoy tulips, butterflies, lakes, mountains and fish. Send me a private message if you make more. @ZooDawg

If I can find more card board soon I can make you one. Why don’t you PM me your address

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Received my beautiful card! Love it SO much!


Thank you @annewithane

Very cute i would happily swap with you if you make more

Wow that one looks extremely nice! Are you going to do those for postcrossing in general?

I do for people who like handmade cards. I sent one of a gnome a while back. It’s on my wall.

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Hopefully you’ll pull my profile some time in the future! I love it!

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I can make you one if you want. You can PM your address and tell me what you’d like.

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So you mean me or the person above me? If you mean me, is there anything I can send you in return?