Anyone out there know of postcard hub?

I love postcrossing but would like to know if anyone is familiar with or is also a member with postcard hub? If so how do you contact them or any info about them at all?

I once paid a very short visit at the site. But to be honest, I have a lot of slots here at postcrossing, so I wouldn’t want to have more and more to send. Of course for someone who is also a beginner here, it is a very nice option, to send cards using two or three different sites.

The reason I am asking is because I cannot contact them as their email support comes back invalid address when I try to send them an email for assistance. I registered and created a profile, was approved and received 2 addresses to send postcards to but nowhere on the site can I find my own personal ID code so I am not willing to waste postcards and stamps when the recipient has no way to identify me… Think I will just stick with postcrossing

Thanks I figured out about the edit

I use Postfun, which works very similar to Postcrossing. Since I am new and have long waiting times for my cards to arrive.

Thank you. I will give it a try perhaps. I really like postcrossing, but as a new member I am experiencing delays also, especially the past 3 months due to the postal system


While you’re waiting for swaps on the official website, you could always set up direct swaps in the forum. It’s especially helpful for new members because you can hand pick the members with whom you trade, most of whom have an album from which you can pick which card you receive.

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Thank you, I have become involved in a few direct swaps and am really enjoying the tags and spread the joy on the forum, I did not pursue the other postcard hub, I could never receive an answer from the admin and the system did not seem to be updated at all so I am pretty busy with post crossing now.

DO NOT go anywhere near Postcard Hub. I just created an account and gave them all my personal information to create a full profile, but the site is completely non-functional. I could not view my own profile, make any changes to my account, get addresses to send to, change my password or do anything else. I wrote to the only contact address ‘’ and my email was immediately returned as undeliverable. It is a total scam and potentially very dangerous.


Yes you are correct… I gave up on it a long time ago but my information is still there. Were you able to delete your info?

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No, I was not able to delete my own profile in Postcard Hub. Oddly, they do have a menu option for ‘delete profile’, but clicking on it results in a 404 Error. Best I could think of was to update every field of my profile with fake information, but I imagine they still have my real data.

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