Anyone in a local postcard group?

Postcrossing covers the entire globe but is anyone a member of a postcard sending group within their own country?

I started my own little project in the UK and have around 25 people exchanging cards on a monthly basis. It’s nice to receive cards from around Britain as I only get the odd one now and again via Postcrossing.


I’m fairly sure on this forum there are several round robin groups that are just within a certain country, if that is what you mean?


Totally, just have a look at #communities:british-isles and all other #communities. Not to count all those groups on Social Media, @BrianFraser :slight_smile:


Yeah, there are a ton of Facebook Postcrossing groups within countries - we have at least 2 in Canada.

I am technically in Nordic and Finnish postcrossers groups in Facebook, but I never write anything there or join the swaps. I am just lurking there for fun :slight_smile:

The Nordic postcrossers group is actually much more active in Facebook than here on forum.

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Prior to joining PostCrossing, I belonged to several US-based groups on Yahoo. Within a short time, I left every one of them. Only do Postcrossing now.

I became a member for quite sometime but wasn’t really active until recently

I think there are some local facebook postcard groups as well.