Anyone from Seoul or Busan?

I’m Paola from Italy, I’m wondering if anybody from Busan or Seoul would meet me visiting Korea.
I would also would like to know where I can buy best postcards and beautiful stamps
…how much does it cost to send in Europe?

Thanks for replying!

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I don’t live in those two, but I can tell you the fare table.

10g 700
20g 780
30g 1010
40g 1240
50g 1470 won…

“항공우편 3지역” - “서장” column is for yours

Thank you so much!!!

Is it right a postcard is 430 won to Italy?


yes it is

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There are not many places in Korea that sell postcards and stamps. There are many cases where postcards are not written on the back, so please don’t panic.

For stamps, I recommend Myeongdong Central Post Office in Seoul.
It is the place where you can buy the most various stamps offline.

We sell postcards at the prop shop, focusing on cute illustrations and foreign landscapes.

3F, 18, Jeungga-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

This place has the most postcards in Seoul.
I am attaching it because I think it would be good to refer to Instagram to see what kind of postcards there are.

If you want a postcard with scenery and Korean characteristics, I recommend the museum.
There is a National Museum of Korea on the same subway line 4 as Myeongdong.

If it’s Busan, I know that there is a poset branch in Busan, and it would be good to visit Gwangalli prop shop or Gwangalli souvenir shop.


Thank you so much!!! You’ve been so precious!!!

Hi i have to comment on this as i was in Ulsan Busan 2017 and i accidently found only one shop that sold small amount souveniers and only postcards sold there were coca cola add cards that i bought. got my stamps at post office next to my hotel but o boy i had some difficult of getting them to understand which countries i am sending them to :slight_smile: all arrieved luckily.

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Thank you for answering!
My experience in Korea last August has been amazing!!
In Busan I went in a post office where I was the only customer at the moment and 3 employees and 1 security man were all busy in searching for me stamps and they were so kind to me :heart_eyes:

On the other hand I expected to find many and many postcards (touristic in particular) but I found something interesting in historic palaces shops or in touristic places.

Anyway, I sent postcards to my friends in Italy and everyone got them quite fastly too.

Can’t wait to visit again South Korea!!
I dream again and again about a meetup there :heart:

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