Anyone from Mongolia here or someone who was there for a trip

Hi fellow Postcrossers.

this autumn I will travell to Korea. I have the possibility of one flight to have a Stop of some hours in Mongolia Airport of UlaanBaator.

Does anyone can tell me if I’m there for transit if there are any possibilities at the Airport to buy postcards and stamps and to send of postcards from there?

Thank you in Advance

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You may want to look at the airports website. They may be able to tell you or you can email the manager there. Also you can always talk to the frequent flyer program of the airline. That’s how I found out about Oman postcards. There was one place in the entire airport but I found it in Oman


Happy travel planning! Looks like there is a postoffice in the Airport - Tenant information but it is not open 24/7 .

From the link above –

Post office



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thank you both of you for the nice reply. You helped me a lot :heart:

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Haha feel free to send me a card as a thanks :pray:

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If I will be there at the right time, I’m happy to send you one. but can’t promise :heart: