Any Malayali postcrossers? India/ Abroad

Any Malayali postcrossers out there? I am sure there are a few. Any interest in swap or round robin where we can write in Malayalam? In India and abroad locations also…


You can use the User Search feature on the main website to filter out users from State of Kerala. Maybe some of them would be interested in swap.
User Search

Hi Scheri :wave:t2:

Glad to meet another malayali here. You’re the second malayali I saw here. First one would be @SnigdhaGopika



Hi @scheri , Mallu from Kollam reporting!!!

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Hi @scheri,

Glad to run into a fellow Malayali.

Based on the suggestion by @redteapost, searching for people just in Kerala returns 399 Postcrossers. I am sure there will likely be far more Mallus from outside. All the best.

And Happy Onam to all fellow Malayalis!


Any followups? @scheri
There’s only 4 Mallus in Postcrossing? :weary::pinching_hand:t2: