Any experiences with prepaid postcards from Australia Post?

I read somewhere on the forum that using prepaid postcards is a much cheaper way to send postcards from Australia overseas. I had a look online on the Australia Post website and indeed, their cards are only 2.40 AUD whereas an international stamp is 3.20 AUD.
(I have no clue how this is even possible??)

Does anyone have any experience with these cards? Is the quality ok? The pictures on the website look all right. Do I understand correctly you can send them overseas?


I received this maxicard in 2018:

It has traveled quite quickly, quality is ok but it suffered from postal handling, anyway it’s a problem that can happen to whatever postcard.

You are lucky to have such an offer from your post, here to do the same you pay the maxicard (2€) and then the postage to send it (3,1€).

17 days is indeed pretty fast! :smiley:

I’m not even sure if the prepaid cards are maxicards or normal cards. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yes! Some prepaid Maximum Cards from down under arrived here (Germany). The quality is okay as they survived different sortings.
Latest example:

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The quality of the prepaid cards are fine, but I would recommend getting the maxicards.

Most of the sets work out to be cheaper than $2.40 per card plus there is a wider range of choice.

This is what the back looks like (top one is newer):

You can also find cheaper maxicards on eBay (just don’t outbid me :stuck_out_tongue:) maxicards 1990 and later all have prepaid worldwide postage.


Oh my gosh, yes, they are even cheaper. :star_struck: :joy:
It doesn’t make any sense at all. In my mind you would need to pay more for a larger card. :sweat_smile:

It’s good to know the quality is fine. Thanks @RalfH @davfv17 and @chris0 !


I’ve received one of these cards, a very nice maxicard of good quality. The only unfortunate thing is that the person hadn’t really written much beside my address and a word which I couldn’t really make out, but the card itself was very nice quality.

Maxicards aren’t physically larger btw (they are actually slightly smaller than the prepaid cards), the ‘maxi’ part refers to ‘maximum’ similarity, where the picture, stamp and cancellation are all ‘similar’.

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Really?? I had no clue at all. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :flushed: I’m going to hide under a stone now. :joy: :joy:


Haha don’t worry, I would’ve said the same thing as you a year ago :stuck_out_tongue:


I often purchase the maxi postcards to send. Generally because of the cost and the bonus of other Postcrossing members really enjoying receiving them. I had no idea about any of this before I started Postcrossing and even then it took me a little while to understand what a maxi card was. I often buy online direct from Australia Post.


Australia Post has so many nice maxicards and prepaids. Bpost only has some prepaid greeting cards available.

I sent these maxicards in 2010 when I was in Australia.

I have used the pre-paid Aust Post postcards exclusively for the last 2-3 years. Quality and variety are excellent and they work out so much CHEAPER than a postcard and international stamp.

I get from my local Post Office as well as the Australia Post online shop (postage is free).

I occasionally find some on eBay but you need to check they haven’t been previously used (PU is the letters in a description), ask to see the back before committing. Also I find that sellers on eBay often change a handling fee hidden in the postage. eg. $3 postage and it arrives in a standard envelope with a $1.10 stamp.

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Thank you @mundoo ! Looks like some nice cards in your gallery!

I ordered a few of the Australian post maxicards and they arrived today. They’re looking good!

Now I just have to wait till I can request an address again. [Twiddling thumbs]

Or I’ll have a look around at RRs. :smile:


Wow! Beautiful! I hope I‘ll get such a lovely postcard from Australia someday in the future…

You will never go back!

In Melbourne, it’s so hard to find nice tourist postcards - the ones that are available all have the same boring pictures and bad design. Even though there are not many that fit the ‘tourist card’ category, the auspost cards are so much nicer - I stock up on those city view ones all the time, for anyone who wants a viewcard.

If you want to, we can do a swap! Send me a personal message if you’re interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I asked a staff in Australia Post. And she said I have to pay the extra postage if the country I’m sending to costs more then the prepaid postcard’s postage.