[Answered, thanks] Lottery winner doesn't respond

Question: What if the winner of a lottery doesn’t contact me to share their address? How long should I wait before picking a different winner? Or should I just keep the lottery cards forever hoping for a response? Have you ever dealt with a similar situation?

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Have they been online? I guess I would wait until they’ve been on the platform and if they have been online but haven’t responded then maybe wait a week? That seems like a long enough time. Can you tell if they have viewed your message? and are they new? When I first joined I found the messaging section a bit confusing.


are you talking about the winner 12 hours ago? because that is not a very long time. people have a life and sometimes they sleep.

if not. are you waiting for them to send you a message or did you send them a message to ask for their address? because sometimes a notification that you’ve been mentioned can get lost in the long list.


May I suggest you contact them directly via message? If you just tagged them and asked them to contact you in the post, there’s a decent chance they could have missed it. I’ve hosted many lotteries and I always initiate the message to the winner. In this manner, I’ve never waited more than a day or 2 for a response. However, I still wouldn’t rush into choosing a new winner even after a week without a reply. Some people don’t log in as often and that’s OK.

No, a winner from some time ago. I sent two messages. I was wondering about how long, yes. I was thinking like a month…or two. Thanks for the feedback.

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