Anna from Belarus, your postcard ID could not be found! Please get in touch!

Dear Anna!

On April the 5th 2022 you sent me this beautiful postcard, with a public transport ticket and a teabag and those wonderful stamps:

Sadly you forgot to write the ID and it could not be found either.

If you see this, please get in touch, I’d love to register your wonderful card!

Thank you!


I was going to suggest using the form to find the ID but it seems you’ve already done that? And you’re not a new member so you’re aware of it, right? :slight_smile:

@elikoa: Yes, sadly the ID could not be found on the official page and as my profile is so long, I don’t have space to write it there! :laughing:

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Looks like you sent a postcard to a postcrosser named Anna in Minsk a couple of days before this envelope was sent…

Could it be a thank you card from this person? :slight_smile:


@meiadeleite Thank you very much for your research and help! A “thank you” card did not even occur to me, even though I love them, of course. :orange_heart:

I have written to Anna now and hope we can solve this mystery.

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