ANIMALS: Cute or Dramatic?

Do you Guys prefer to receive Postcards with Cute Animals(Lambs,Puppies,Kittens etc.) or Dramatic Interactions between Animals(Falcon catching a Mouse, Lion pouncing on a Zebra etc.)?

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For me, they definitely don’t have to be dramatic, but I would prefer wild animals to cutsie pets and domestic ones.

It would depend on the sender. I just ask that people send what they find interesting (and hopefully they can explain why). I don’t personally have a preference.

I love any animal. But if I had to choose I would prefere the dramatic. however also a cheetah resting in the shadow of a tree, a hyena yawning, a spider waiting in her net or a bat hanging at the ceiling of a cave could be amazing too. I’m however rather maybe the persom loving animals other would rather not like so much :smiley: but really any animal is amazing.


Agreed, I’m not so big on (cute) pets either.

Stunning, beautiful wildlife is great! Cute pets or wildlife is great too!
… dramatic is not bad, but if it means a danger to one animal on the card, or prey being dead in a claw, or anything in that direction, it is not what I would like.
Also if cute means an animal made ridicule, for example with a hat or in an uncomfortable situation or with any offending text, it would not be what I like.

It can be both - a great postcard is a great postcard. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’d just prefer wildlife pictures - might be cute or dramatic but just as they naturally are.

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I love both but these ones I don’t like:

  • Animal abuse (like circus)
  • Pets in clothing and attempted to look more “cute” when it’s just unnatural

I’m okay with violence like a card showing a lion eating a zebra. But I too like to see cute puppies playing on the grass.


Depends what you mean by “cute”. Dolled up in clothes, or posing in some unnatural setup, or just a close-up of some sweet kitty face are certainly not my thing. “Natural” I would say would be the key word for me…

This is almost too cute - at least when you look at it as a “cat” card. But I rather see it as a “butterfly” or a “spring” card, and it’s actually one of my favourites:

This is cute but perfect:

A bit of landscape for background is cool:

And so is some action:

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