Visiting Angola for a few days and sending some postcards. A picture of the old central post office in Luanda:

The philatelic office had a pile of postcards for around ½$ each:

This stamp for 0,40$ was valid for all countries:

Sent a few cards to postcrossers starting with AO-105. I hope they will arrive…
Angola is now visa free so very easy to visit for most tourists.

Update. The 16 postcards I brought from home (mapcards and similiar) which didn’t have the “postage paid” on them was charged an additional 1000 Kw each or 1,2$. Since I got a receipt it might have been right although it didn’t make sense. It’s never easy to send postcards from Africa. Good news is they canceled all the cards. I also added a picture from the philatelic room at the post office.


Lovely cards! Thank you for always sharing stories from your travels :smiley:

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What a beautiful stamp!
Just by curiosity @singelpuff, why did you go to Angola? And where?

Angola is on my short-list of countries to visit soon, but it looks like I’ll be doing more travels in the Middle East before I get back to Africa. I’d love to hear more about your experiences there!

Always enjoy reading about your travels! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing about your travel again. :smiling_face: Many will appreciate the informations, and I’m glad to be able to see the photos of its post office, postcard, and stamp. I hope all the cards you sent will arrive safely. Safe travel and looking forward to your next adventures! :smile:

sent a PM have a question

Sorry for late reply. The primary reason for this trip was to meet a friend from England on Sao Tome Island. Since you can easily combine Angola with Sao Tome I opted to do that. There is a direct flight between the two countries once a week. Angola is now visa free for EU countries so very easy to visit. The Portuguese airline TAP also flies to both so I bought an open jaw ticket. In Angola I only visited Luanda for three days but did a full day tour to sights outside the capital as well. I really liked Luanda. It is not as expensive as some people say. Local food is as cheap as anywhere else. Gert

Very interesting to have your perspective and experience!

Hi @singelpuff , just wondering if any of your postcards turned up? I’ll be travelling to Angola soon and I’m interested in your feedback, cheers!

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Hi, So far one card has arrived in China and one one in Hong Kong and two to Malaysia. Last two you can see at:
I have also received a cover I sent to myself but not the postcard. So yes - I think they will eventually all arrive but it sure was not fast.
While wearing shorts in Luanda was fine - don’t visit the post office in them. I was told off by two ladies there saying you must have long trousers in government buildings! Gert


When you enter the post office - go to your right. At the end is the door to the philatelic office where you can buy postcards and stamps.No need to queue anywhere else.

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Today the postcard I sent to myself arrived so the postcards that I sent officially with postcrossing numbers should turn up too. Gert


Again, it was very interesting to read about your adventure! :smiley: