Andy's Man Club / World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

Hi all

I hope you don’t mind me plugging a cause that is close to my heart - Andy’s Man Club is a peer to peer talking group for men that advocates for male mental health and suicide prevention.

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day Hallmark have released a special range of cards to give someone a boost who might need one as well as raising awareness for this worthy cause.

I have one of the below free to a good home… first come first served… I may be able to get more and if I can I will advise on here.

Thanks for reading :+1:


Thanks for posting this! It’s great to hear about this peer to peer group. It’s so important for everyone, but especially for men, to have a place where they can share & hear that they are not alone with mental health issues. Peer support really works! :purple_heart:


OMG Thank you for your post! It’s the first time I have learnt that there is such a day in the world! It’s meaningful and encouraging I think.
Mental wellness really matters. Finding someone to talk to and share your own feelings is a convenient way!
I reallly love the idea and the card!
If you have an another one, I really want to have a swap!
Thank you and wish everyone can find someone to talk to!


Card will go off to @PoeWave tomorrow!

Thank you all for your reactions to this post. Check in on each other and remember it’s okay to talk.


page57 way to go. i spent 10 yrs in behavioral health. again, way to go!!!

Thanks for posting this, it’s really helpful & im sure at Christmas there will be a lot of people feeling down & lonely and this will definitely help.