I checked the Postal Monitor thread and didn’t see Andorra on the list. Does anyone know how much it costs to send a postcard from Andorra to the US and EU?

As the postal services are run by both French and Spanish post service, probably the same as the cost from those countries.

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Andorra has two postal services. French and Spanish, the price you can find either under France or Spain.

Check where you are staying the closest post offices there, although in Andorra La Vella they are not far from each other.

Besides the difference of prices, they have different hours of opening too (only in the morning at least in winter time). I think (but am not sure) that the spanish posts are cheaper but slower delivering mail.

Thanks so much to everyone who replied! I’ll check the French and Spanish rates to have some idea.

I hope I can find stamps (and postcards) as well in Soldeu where I will be on Monday. I have saved some open slots for the official cards to send from Andorra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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