And here's why letters and cards in the UK take extra long to arrive these days :-(

A whistleblower has uncoverered that Royal Mail delivery staff, i.e. our postmen, are instructed by management to prioritise lucrative parcels over letter post - even if it means (contrary to the law they’re operating under) that letter post does not get delivered every day.


The future is many things to many people, but with the way things are at Royal Mail at the moment, I don’t think parcels will be part of theirs, let alone letters…


Yes, I read that too, so so sad that a once great Company has issues like this. I wonder if anyone still uses Second class ??

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I virtually ONLY use Second class for our domestic letters and cards now. Because I found that First class doesn’t arrive any quicker anymore - and what’s the point of paying extra, otherwise? I received a First class letter the other week with a postmark of 5 days earlier. :roll_eyes:


I also just use 2nd class, I’m not sure that paying for 1st is worth it for me, everything is so hit and miss with delivery times anyway.