An interesting postcard from Germany

I received a such postcard from Germany, and I wonder that can people buy such postcards in Germany? Apparently this postcard is made in China with simpfiled Chinese on the postcard.


Many Postcrossers from Germany buy from international shops. Aliexpress is quite popular and sellers from China, Hong Kong etc that sell on Amazon or ebay. Stationery is very cheap for us to buy there…

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My guess would be that this card was bought online :slight_smile:


Stationery = letters, card, pens etc.

Stationary = not moving.

Just trying to help… :wave:


Various exchanges or additional cards or simply gifts can be another explanation.

I have never bought online internationally for six years, but still own blank cards from the UK and Finland and Japan and China and x and y and z …

Such kind of postcards can also be bought at a comic store. Not necessarily online. We have such a big store here (on three floors, a dream for comic / manga / gaming nerds) for example. I found things there which were only sold at e. g. Sanrio, Nintendo ect. Japan or US.

And a lot of Germans also buy at Wish, Aliexpress (which both I don’t like very much), Etsy, Zazzle. If you have a credit card you can buy at almost every shop around the world. Infact I prefer to order in the country where the brand is settled (when it’s possible and when we don’t have the damned COVID problem).

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I use aliexpress for such cards! But i also got cards like that on anime conventions :slight_smile:

Another possibility: people do a lot of trading on this forum and elsewhere, so perhaps your German sender got the card in a swap! :blush: I have a couple of beautiful blank cards from a Postcrosser in China!

Occasionally, independent postcard designers use international formats on their card backs for aesthetic reasons, too. I have some cards that I believe were designed and printed in the US, but contain boxes for the six-digit postal code used in China. (Perhaps the artist is Chinese, or just likes the way they look!)

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I have some similar cards and I got them in New Zealand but they were imported from China. We have an online auction site like ebay and I think they came from there.

Escpecially Manga Anime interested people have sometimes good sources or connections to Japanese countries :wink: I know what I’m talking about, I have a lot of those cards :slight_smile: