An article about my Postcrossing experience

Hey all,

I recently wrote an article about my Postcrossing experience. Thought to share it here, in case you want to read about it. link


Would love to read it, but…

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Uh-oh, let me check why you are not able to access it. Sorry about that. Will update here in a bit.

Try this: link

For me the first link worked. But I also have LinkedIn installed on my phone. Not sure if that affects… Thank you for sharing this! It was a pleasure to read it :relaxed::relaxed: I have has very similar thoughts about postcrossing as well. Take care!

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I guess I’ll have to register on LinkedIn! Thanks!

@26Kylie Does the link not work for you still?

Yup… no biggie

Neither link is working for me either. :slight_smile:

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Sorry folks, I will try later to see if I can publish the article via a different platform for those unable to access it.


One has to be registered and OPEN in LinkedIn to access the article.

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