Ambassador Badge Requirement

Hello Postcrossers! I have a question about ambassador badges that I couldn’t fiind the answer to elsewhere in the forum and the website.

The requirements of the ambassador badge are as follows:
" A Postcrossing Ambassador is a member who has made a remarkable contribution to the project, including things like:

  • Writing an article about Postcrossing for a popular newspaper or magazine;
  • Giving an interview to a radio or TV channel about the project;
  • Giving a seminar or presentation about the project to a large group of people."

I will be giving a presentation about what Postcrossing is at my university next week, and I expect there to be 40-50 students. Does anyone know what “a large group of people” refers to mentioned in the latest example above? I will give the presentation anyways, but an ambassador badge wouldn’t hurt :yum:

Happy Postcrossing!


I don’t think there’s an actual physical badge, just a virtual one given after a Postcrosser has done something that our moderators feel deserves special recognition. It’s lovely, what you’re planning to do, and I’m sure the merits of the PC community and your excitement about it will carry you through the event without any extra props.

Good luck with it and keep us posted as to how it goes!


Thank you for your kind words! I do mean the virtual badge. I was just wondering if that amount of people would be sufficient for the badge, or there is a threshold, such as at least 100 people :thinking:


I don’t know if there is; perhaps they decide each situation on its own. Someone who knows more than me will have to weigh in here!

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I don’t think anyone here can tell you that exactly, because it might be an individual decision.

Before we just speculate here, it would be best to ask the support team.


The Ambassador badge is granted for “a remarkable contribution”, which to my understanding is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Postcrossing team. Those are some good examples that they provided, some others I’ve seen include:
brieanne, granted for making a TikTok video about Postcrossing that went viral and resulted in many people joining Postcrossing
Suegathman, granted for giving a great interview about Postcrossing on the Postcardist Podcast
Andry1961, granted for taking Postcrossing all over the world (He’s sent Postcrossing cards from almost every country, including North Korea!)

The point here is that each ambassador badge is unique, I would recommend giving the seminar and then send a message to Postcrossing support to talk about how it went and ask them nicely to consider you for the badge.


Thanks for everyone’s answers! I wanted to ask the forum before I bothered the support team. I will do so after the presentation passes. Happy Postcrossing! :slight_smile: