Amazing postcard journey!

Today, I went for a walk and saw that there was a postcard in the street, so I went and had a look and it was addressed to me! It was a Postcrossing card from the US.

I can only assume that the postman must have dropped it by mistake when they were delivering it to my house, and that it blew away in the wind. When I found the card, the postman (mail carrier) hadn’t done today’s rounds yet, so it must have been there at least since yesterday.

To make things even more incredible, the card reached me even though it didn’t have enough stamps on it (this would normally prevent it from being accepted by the UK postal service for delivery). It arrived in 12 days, which is quicker than cards would usually get to me from the US.

I love this card, it feels like it has reached me against all the odds! It was such a wonderful feeling to see the slightly bizarre sight of a postcard in the street, and then to go and have a closer look only to see that it was for me :smiley:

Do you have any cards which have made it in unlikely circumstances?


You know , same things was with my card ! My daughter find it on the street in Russia , Saint Petersburg! It was many years ago and I was very happy that card was saved!


That’s incredible! Can we see a picture of the postcard?

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Very cool!

I have a similar experience, from when I was in college. I saw a postcard on the street, about a half a block from my apartment. It was pouring-down-rain and in the middle of the night, and I was going back home after a disappointing night out looking for love in all the wrong places. Anyway, I picked it up out of curiosity and found it was addressed to me and sent from a good friend I thought had given up on me because I hadn’t heard from them for so long. This was decades ago – when long distance was really expensive and there was no such thing as texting or email. I guess it was a shame it didn’t make it into the post the regular way, but somehow the good karma of how it was “delivered” turned my mood around and made it a postcard I doubt I’ll forget.


Must be something in the wind …
This morning, my postal carrier ran over from the superbox (across the street) somewhat agitated.
“I opened the drop-box and a bird flew out scaring me half to death. And there’s poop in there. And your postcards.”
I gave her a plastic bag. She said she had gloves. She ran back to the superbox, scooped up the mail I had posted earlier, and ran back with the bag.
“Do you want me to wait?”, she asked.
Knowing how busy she is, I told her to carry on and I would take care of my mail.
Fortunately … I’ve been able to carefully clean postcards and envelopes - actually very little damage. Both my partner and I have worked with curators (art and museum), so have learned a few things about odd clean-ups.

Silly bird!!! :bird:


I had a similar experience this year.

I did a direct swap in January - I sent a postcard to Spain for an exchange of an envelope of used stamps.

The letter carrier dropped the letter on our shared driveway(shared with 20 others) on a Friday when it was snowy & -20C & my neighbour found it on the following Sunday & delivered it to me.

I think because it was so cold, the letter didn’t get too wet, but it’s remarkable that it got all the way from Spain, only to be dropped 20 feet from my apartment & then found & delivered to me after lying out in the snow for 3 days & having many cars drive over that stretch of the driveway.

I think I was meant to receive those stamps which I’ve happily used in some art & postcards projects since. We never know what interesting journeys our postcards & letters will take do we?

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