Am I the only one that finds messaging confusing in Postcrossing?

Hi All,

I’m curious, is it just me, or do others find the messaging function in Postcrossing confusing?

I am discovering this greatly as I try to manage a relatively small direct swap and with the subsequen address exchanges and whatever other discussion may ensure.

Is there a way to quickly get to a thread that shows all of your previous messages with a particular postcrosser?

Maybe you have a bit of infomation that you can share that would make things more to clear to me; if so, I’d be grateul for your reply.


Michael P
a/k/a Travellin_Slim


Have you been exchanging the messages via forum or via the official site? These are two separate messaging systems.

Hi Michael, if you click on your picture in the upper right corner & then click on the envelope icon all your recent messages appear in a drop box. Clicking on any one message should show you the thread of messages.

If you click the arrow at the bottom of the drop box, it takes you back to your main message inbox where you can see more threads.

The only thing I have to remember to check is my sent box for messages I have sent that have not been replied to yet.

Does that help?

Hey Michael,

No, you’re not the only one. I also find the forum’s messaging system to be difficult to navigate. If I have been messaging multiple people for tags and round robins, it is really easy to lose track of who I still need to send a card to and in which message topic/thread a particular address is located in.

What I have learnt though is that the forum inbox is displayed differently on my mobile phone than on my laptop. On the mobile phone version, I can only see the topic name and the number of replies, making it impossible to track down a person for me. Whereas on the laptop view, I can see all those things plus: people in the topic with pictures (that really helps jog my memory), number of views and how many days ago the last message was sent. So my suggestion would be to log into the forum on a desktop browser.

I haven’t found any way to do an inbox search for a particular username. If someone knows how to do this, please enlighten us!


Go to the magnifying glass at the top of the page and choose advanced search. Search for user and check ‘In my messages’.


You’re a genius!!! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hello Michael,

I find this new system terrible. With the old Forum U2U system, you could have folders set up and save messages to them and then delete them when RRs, Tags, or private swaps were fulfilled.I guess we’ll get used to it…eventually. Postcrossing is not alone with taking a good system, tweaking it and making it less user-friendly. It seems that many online companies wait till December/January and spring surprises on you (Though the Postcrossing Forum change was advised months ago).


You can leave a message-chat-thread-whatever-you-want-to-call-it.
By choosing ‘add or remove’ in the bottom of the very first message of the message-chat-thread-whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

(But I still miss the U2U folders.)

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Or at least archive it - that is what I choose to do, since the message lives on forever anyway.

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It is very confusing!! I

I am totally lost,

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wow! i ve been looking for that for ages! I realised also that to save time from opening advanced search you can put
@ + username
in the search box while in messages (plus tick the search in messages option) and Voila! you find users!


If you go to the search box (eye glass) at the top and type in the user name then below it says more options if you click that, it gives you tons of ways to search via topic, etc. you should be able to search it this way. (this is on the computer, not sure if it is the same on the phone)

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

I thought the initial post referred to messages on the website, not the forum…
Just for completeness: if messaging via the website, no, there is no way to see a full thread and the only place the messages can be found is your email.

All other replies have a lot of details on the forum messages, a lot more than I know!
I never knew that in the old forum you could have folders by the way :rofl: