All You learned from Postcrossing

This thread is where you can write things you learned on your way from when you began your Postcrossing Journey to now.

Remember, nothing is small information. Share everything you think others should know.

For example, I learned we can sent a postcard (without envelop) with 15rs stamp. Not even the officials working at the postoffice knew this. They asked me to put it in an envelope and told me it was 40rs to USA.


You can find a lot of nice and affordable cards in larger post offices. Also, some really old stmaps are available in GPOs.

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Same, they asked me to send letter to USA with 50rs stamps back in 2021!! And i did reasearch and i learnt all postage rates and now I can give a test of indian postage rates with different types, haha

And, learning so much geography, and i just wanna learn more, addresses i draw are making me happy that, Iā€™m am sending cards there from India:)
My fastest official card: 11 days!!