@All Tagging everyone in a post/thread in one go

Hi so just wanted to post in a thread for a meet-up and well I thought that I’d be able to tag everyone in the post if I press @ALL only this don’t happen… Instead, if you want to tag someone, you have to tag @jugatmos (for example) each person one at a time… lol

Be better if you could tag everyone in the thread/post at the same time and save loads of @BethKK @Gape tagging people…

Many thanks to those tagged in this post, selected at random to demonstrate the problem…

All the best



I had the same thought too some days ago… would be very handy but I’m not sure if that is possible with discourse programm.

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I think that some people would get a lot of notifications then.

I like that I can turn on so that I can get notifications when there are new posts in a thread. And I think it should stay as it is :sweat_smile:


That would open the doors to spam.

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@postboo You would I guess if you’re watching the topic, but if just tracking t or as normal doe sit not then just let you know you’ve been tagged? Or I guess it should, also as to spam @RalfH would it? I mean you’re in the thread/post that you’re being tagged, nothing else, so hopefully you’re being tagged for a reason.

Mine was in a meet-up, so it’d be helpful in that topic area to let everyone know something important about the meet-up…

Thanks both for your input, most appreciated.

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When you set it to «watching» you get notificationas about every new comment.

If you set it to «normal» you will only be notified when someone tags you or reply to your comment.

The one that says «tracking» says you get a count of new comments. Not exactly sure what that means :sweat_smile:

I understand that you would want to notify everyone that has shown interest in a meet up, but I think that if people are really interested, they will either turn on the notifications or check in with the thread/topic regularly :blush:


But I think there is still difference. I do not want to get a notification on ever chat message anyone in the meet-up Thread postes… as it is probably just chatting - discussing on maybe for me uninportant things… but would then on the other side great to get a notification from the host e.g. when the place where we meet changed or some additional information are needed (I had it in a last meet-up where the host needed booking of the food beforhand) … think it could be really handy. and better then just get a notification on everything. (sure you still could do that by tagging one by one everone in the meet-up)

maybe it could be only possible for the host of the thread. to go against the spamming problem - might still occur but mayeb less if everyone could do it. and maybe it is only possible at a certain trust lvl reached.


Then maybe it would be a better idea to be able to “share” with everyone in the thread.

Instead of only being able to choose one, there could be an option for the host to “share to all”

ETA: It might be that this is a possibility already. I have never tried.


Interessting. Where do I find it? When I klick on the share button it looks totally different

Klick on ‘share’ and then on ‘invite’.

There is no invite for me…

@Tetsuko it looks like you click on the share settings on your phone. The share settings I mentioned above is within the forum. You will find them at the bottom of a thread.

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Scroll down and under the last comment you will find «topic controls»:

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ah okay. thank you so this only works then for the whole topic but I understand now thank you :heart: would be a possibility

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Discourse already has a built-in @here way of notifying people who replied the topic and it’s already active.

But as mentioned, this can quickly get annoying and can be abused by spammers. Because of this, it’s use is limited only to TL2 members (or higher) and to a maximum number of 10 people to be notified with it. For many cases, this is enough.

I should say I’m not too keen on increasing this limit because soon we’ll have people looking for the option to not be included in the @here notifications because someone uses it too eagerly… Using the tracking/watching functionalities is the ideal way for those who want to get notifications.