All Postcrosser name on single card



I don’t know whom to address on this topic.
Why do we have new celebration for each year those who join or registered on particular year. Print all those name on single card. Kept at Postcrossing museum. For each year. Suddenly popped out thought.


It’s definitely a nice idea, but I fear that would be a postcard with names sooooo tiny that they would be practically unreadable, as thousands of people join Postcrossing every year. :slight_smile:

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Tiny letter viewed with the help of a len. In near my place people write there name on rice. Untill it diped into oil glass pod.


Yesterday I watched your Ted x speech. I just want to confirm is you. I liked your gesture :raised_hands: of talk. #communities @meiadeleite

Might be more relevant if it was if the users from your town/city or region on a map…? Just a thought :wink:

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@Knerq we can start in that way and we can merge them from all place collected at hq. send to Guinness World Record.

A Polish postcrosser designed a postcard with just SOME of the nicks of Polish postcrossers who are also in the Polish Facebook group:


It sounds like a really cool idea, but I worry about privacy. People occasionally delete their accounts on Postcrossing for one reason or another. When they do that, their username gets replaced with “account closed” to preserve privacy. If their original username was printed on a postcard and preserved in a museum on display for everyone to see, there would be no way for users to remove their name if they wanted to in the future (other than breaking in to the museum with a marker pen!).