All my cards are stuck in Tennessee!

When I finally get active again in postcrossing, the mail processing center is closed and now all my cards are stuck somewhere in Memphis!! It normally take 10 days to Europe, 5 days to USA. Look at those traveling days for my cards :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:!

Yes, the Delta waves are definitely affecting mail delivery around the world sadly.

Post offices in many countries could do a lot more to protect their workers with better ventilation/HEPA filters/CO2 monitoring & better masks. But it costs money, so most them don’t do it and the slowdowns & closures cost them & us so much more.

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It’s not really a Covid Issue. The building has structural damage and the union decided its not safe to work there until they fix it.

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Well that’s good it’s not COVID, but yeah everyday stuff like building health & safety problems happen too.

There clearly must be a significant risk health & safety wise for USPS to close the building under H & S law.

Hopefully they’ll get the mail going again from elsewhere or a different routing.

I’m finding lots of my mail to the US & Germany quite slow now.

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If it’s any consolation, at least your cards aren’t stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again. (They’re stuck inside of Memphis with the Mobile blues again).