Albums for Storing / Displaying Postcards?


I only discovered postcrossing in April. I’ve now got enough postcards to start thinking about albums.

I would like to know please are there any available in Australia that are clear on both sides so I can see the picture and the writing? Or what else do people use, particularly given the varying sizes of the postcards?

I thought it was best to start here due to the cost of shipping from the US or Europe.

With thanks

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good afternoon, marcus here. the easiest way is to buy a 3 ring binder and then just look for the plastic inserts which i am sure you can find there or order it. have a great day


I second what @PAGE57 said. I have hardcover binders from Lighthouse (with slipcovers).

The binder accepts various two sided clear plastic inserts. I have both 5"x7" and the 4"6" pages. For larger cards, you can use a regular page cover sheet. I think I purchase pack of 30 inserts of each type for about $7 usd a piece.

The binders will vary in price. Mine are about $40, but they’re incredibly protective. I’m sure if you look around, you can find a good deal on something, and simply upgrade as you go.


Hi, I use these from Leuchtturm (Lighthouse). They are transparent on both sides and the pouches are big enough for larger-than-standard-size cards. You can get them at Amazon, but I don’t know if they are available in Australia.


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You can use photo albums or make your own storage file by buying 4 4-ring binder file and sleeves separately.

This is how I’m storing cards


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Hello @kapari767 and welcome to Postcrossing :blush:

I know this Aussie supplier from my work, it’s not exactly cheap but there are lots of size options and these will keep your cards in the best possible conditions for a long long time.

If there’s a Kaiserkraft store or Spotlight by you, I’ve seen scrapbook albums with inserts for 4x6 photos that might suit you too.

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I just got an album gifted to me via my mother - she thrifted it and it’s the perfect size! So, definitely worth a shot - what I was doing prior to finding this one is looking in at op shops while waiting to post cards, and I’d use whatever I was posting as a size reference XD

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Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for sending through photos of your albums as well as links and tips. It has definitely opened my eyes up to the types of products that are available and will help me on my way. I really appreciate it!