Again, New Prices to Australian Stamp Cost Information

I searched and couldn’t find any information on it so I thought I post it here.

The prices of stamps have gone up again. :frowning:

The PDF is here and for postcards it says, " Small letters*

Small letters include enveloped mail, lettersheets and unenclosed postcards. A small letter is:

• no larger than 130mm x 240mm • no thicker than 5mm
• no heavier than 250g.

To avoid small letters being trapped in machinery or other letters, small letters should exceed 88mm x 138mm. Sealing of envelope mail is preferred. However if posted unsealed, the opening should not exceed 88mm.

For delivery within Australia, postage paid by affixing a stamp $1.10
Seasonal greeting card enclosed in a sealed envelope and endorsed card only – only available during November and December $0.65

But I can’t be certain of the price to send to say Germany from Australia.

Does anyone else have or know where I can find this info. The waters feel murky in this PDF for me.


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I’m not an Australian but the way I understand the price chart, a postcard from Australia to Germany would cost $3.70 with the new rates.

What I do find strange is that if domestic stamps are used to pay postage for an international letter, it costs 10% more!

@Shawnnita Come join us over here as we lament the weirdness that is the current pricing of Australian overseas postcards…!

Change of postcard prices to $3.00 AUD to Europe? - Language & Geographical Communities / Oceania - Postcrossing Community

In short, it’s permissible right now to send a postcard or a greeting card anywhere overseas for only $3. But that’s not listed anywhere official on the website, it’s just that a number of us have been told at the post office about this promotion, which has been extended apparently until the end of October…

Once this promotion is ended, the prices will be according to the chart at the bottom of page 30. So to Germany would be $3.70 (Zone 4).


Yes, that’s because we have to cover the 10% GST that is included in domestic rate stamp prices :woman_facepalming:


Thank you for the explanation! Up to an extra 40 cents would certainly be expensive


Thanks so much! I’ll certainly check it out!

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Hi, page 30 of your pdf lists the new international rates for sending postcards. (As of 5th sept 2022)

Zone 1 - New Zealand $2.60

Zone 2 - Asia Pacific $2.90

Zone 3 - USA & Canada $3.50

Zone 4 - UK & Europe $3.70

Zone 5 - Rest of the World $4.00

Maxicards remain the same as they have prepaid postage to anywhere in Australia or Overseas, so they often work out as the cheaper option.

I find if im not sure what zone a country fits into i look on the ‘calculate postage’ tab on Australia post website. Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much for clarifying this. I couldn’t see it. Copied, pasted and printed out for future referencing. :slight_smile:

“Maxicards remain the same as they have prepaid postage to anywhere in Australia or Overseas, so they often work out as the cheaper option.” I really need to get on to these. I wonder if they have them at my local Post office.

Ah yes, I found the ‘calculate postage’ tab now as well. I’ll keep pursing this in my future postings. Thanks :smiley:

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