I am seeking advice from people who have created a postcrossing account for an elementary school classroom. My reservations about doing so are having someone not pay attention to the specifics of the card being sent to an elementary school, and something go wrong. (inappropriate card) I would stress that cards would need to be G rated etc.

Any advice? Anyone ever had a classroom account to be a success?



Hi Becky … your project sounds like a great idea.
You might get more interest in your post if you used a different subject line. “Advice” could be about anything.
How about something like, I need advice on setting up a Postcrossing account for my class ?


Have you tried the Education section? Maybe you should ask there as there are several people who did postcard projects with their pupils.


I moved your topic to #postcrossing:education
And as @HookedonPostcards has already pointed out, I would also advise you to make the headline more meaningful.


I have an account for my elementary school class (well - I use it every few years only).
At my school any mail isn’t being delivered to the class directly, even if it’s addressed to them. All mail that’s for children in my class is being handed to me by our school secretary. That way it’s very easy to check incoming postcards. If I don’t want them to be seen by the class, I take them home and register them at home.


There’s a few already ongoing in the education section, I believe all the postcards go to the teacher/organiser first, written to the whole class, rather than an individual student x

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As the teacher you would be able to filter out any cards that you aren’t comfortable sharing with your students. The mail carrier most likely delivers mail to the school office and then it’s put in teacher boxes by school staff, right? That’s how it’s been done in every school I’ve ever worked in. So even if you have a student collect mail from your mailbox for you the office staff would be able to pull anything questionable to give to you directly. That being said, I don’t think most people send out pinups or similar willy-nilly - it’s typically only to those who ask for such things. After registering cards you could delete any pictures that you don’t want on the wall of the school account.

On your profile you could write something like:

*Hello, I am a teacher and I have created this account for my students. I work as a Speech-Language Pathologist in an elementary school. My students are ages 3-12 years old.

Please write something about yourself, your hobbies, your pets, or your country.

The children love postcards with views of your country, animals, Pokémon, unicorns, book illustrations (etc, etc…whatever themes you are hoping for that your students will be excited about)*

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

Please specify the age range of the kids like in the example of @SilverHare

School systems vary over the world and as a non-teacher/non-parent I wouldn’t have a clue when you specify their grade. Same as that I don’t know what G rated means (but can guess of course)


Thank you for the awareness.

5th grade would be 12 years old.

Rated G would General Rating meaning all ages are permitted to see.

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But again, to a (for example) German “G-rated” means nothing (it’s “FSK 0” there, which would mean nothing to you). @SilverHare’s advice was great.

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I assume it would go into your faculty mailbox. You would register and toss in the trash if it was inappropriate


Yes, it can be filtered. Hopefully, anyone that gets the school as their address to send to will be considerate of the age range. I have faith it will be fine.

Thanks all for the input.