Advice for stickers not sticking

So I decided to try and start decorating postcards I send out with some stickers, but I quickly noticed that the adhesive isn’t that strong. Recently I ended up taping a sticker just to keep it on an envelope. Does anybody else deal with this? Any advice? It’s pretty discouraging when all i want to do is add a little decoration :pensive:

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As far as I know all my stickers have stuck. But I have started making cards and am using a glue pen with a tiny tip to get all the fussy bits. Lots of companies make them, and you don’t have to worry whether the glue is photosafe. Have fun decorating!

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Glue sticks for reenforcement. Or buy more expensive stickers, that should make a difference, too.


thank you :))

Sometimes the finish on the postcard or envelope is the problem. I had some pearlescent cards and envelopes that nothing would stick to. I just avoid paper with that finish from now on.


Scrapbook glue tape works nicely :slight_smile: