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Hello dear friend of Postcrossing,
I am French (half-Taiwanese), and I am really interested in your region. I never had the opportunity to visit it (only by reading books and watching documentaries), but I thought that I should start to discover it this summer. I would like to take an Interrail pass, which means that I can take all the trains of the region for 20 days, so I don’t know yet where to go precisely. I know these are not ex-Yugoslavian countries, but I would also be interested in countries like Romania, Bulgaria and Albania.
So my major question is: do you think there are some places I should absolutely visit in your region? My mother, with whom I’d like to travel, is afraid of too hot and overcrowded (meaning with a lot of tourists) places, and like small towns.
Also, does anyone know how much costs one stamp in North Macedonia? I couldn’t find any information about it…

Thanks a lot for your help, and please tell me if you are visiting Paris, I’ll show you around :blush:


I live in Florida, so is always hot, but the best time to travel is in the off-season. Less people, and nicer weather. And maybe cheaper?
Maybe you can do the same in Europe?
I think is wonderful that Europe offers interrail. I wish you both happy trails :heart:

Thanks a lot! You are definitely right, yes, off-season would be the best, but I have to go to university :blush:
If one day you come to Europe, you should take Eurorail, the Interrail version for non-EU citizens. You’ll save a lot of many and you’ll still be able to go all around this beautiful continent (plus you’ll polute less :blush:)


@miholaz can tell you the postage rates for North Macedonia.

Oh really? Is @miholaz an expert about stamps prices? Thanks for the information!

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He sent me a card from North Macedonia :wink: :wink:

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Hello! I’m not an expert :grin: but I’m originally from Macedonia and I was visiting my family there a month ago.
I would normally write the postcards and take them to the nearest post office. The postage was 40MKD for an air mail postcard to any international destination (as long as postal services work to that destination - usually the post officer would check before taking the card). I checked on the official website (there’s English version, but the calculator doesn’t seem to be in English unfortunately ) and the current rate seems to have increased to 44.20MKD (approx EUR 0.75)
I haven’t asked if I can buy stamps at the post office (most likely you can). If you are particularly interested in some stamps and where to find them, I would recommend you contact a member from the Postcrossing community based in Macedonia :slight_smile:
I hope that helps.
Have a great journey! Bon voyage!

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Also, if you are visiting Macedonia, I would strongly recommend visiting Lake Ohrid and the city of Ohrid itself :blush: It’s a beautiful region and a UNESCO heritage site. You can look it up online.
The high season is from June until August.

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Thank you so much @miholaz for explaining!
Actually, it’s very surprising, but I didn’t find any train station to go to Ohrid from Skopje… But I guess there are buses.
Hope to see you in Europe soon, if you visit Paris, please tell me!

Not a problem at all :slight_smile:

Yes, there are buses to Ohrid quite frequently from the central bus station in Skopje.

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I’m going to visit Serbia in about 1 1/2 weeks. Any Postcrossers from that region, can you please tell me what the postage rates are and where to get nice postcards (Belgrad and Novi Sad). Also, can you recommend must see places in those two cities?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi @Samuraiko!
I am not from that region, but I visited it (and it was amazing).
For the postage rates: it’s 80, which is cheap if you compare to other European countries (actually, I think it’s the cheapest country on this continent). I haven’t been to a specific place to buy my postcard, but I bought this one for instance in a Post office.

As for the places to visit and the things to do: you should take the “Free tour of Novi Sad”. It is a nice way to learn about the city, and the guide is open to all types of questions.
And if you want a nice place where to eat, you should try “Ferdinand knedles” in Novi Sad (the guide will probably tell you about it)

By the way, may I ask you something if you go there? I lost my water bottle which was very important to me there (Ferdinand knedle). It’s blue / transparent, and it’s written Vytautas on it. If you go there, could you ask if they have it and take it? I am sorry if his request seems very weird, but I am so attached to this bottle, and I really have no way to get it back… So if it’s not a problem for you, could you take it? I just want to be sure it is not lost. I would be ready to go to Hamburg just to get it :smile: (Novi Sad is a bit too far)

Hi @Samuraiko !

Welcome to Serbia! The best place to buy postcards are main post offices in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Price calculator is here:

Main post office in Novi Sad:

Main post office in Belgrade:

Greetings from Belgrade,


Thanks a lot for the really helpful information! Looking forward to see your beautiful country. :smiley:

Thanks for your help and the very useful information! If I go to “Ferdinand knedles”, I’ll ask for your bottle. :wink: