Advice about starting a Postcard shop

Hello all!

I’m thinking about starting a shop selling postcards particularly for Postcrossing. I have a few questions though, both for the average Postcrosser and those who run postcard shops.

  1. What price range are you expecting when you buy postcards online?

  2. Do you expect to pay delivery for your postcards, and what price range would you expect?

  3. Do you buy more than one postcard when you find a design you like online?

  4. What sort of website is the best for selling postcards (Redbubble, Etsy etc)?

  5. How do you make a profit regarding postage and packaging?

  6. How do you advertise?

Any general advice would be much appreciated as well!

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Best wishes with your new endeavor. I can give you some insights into selling postcards; I’ve been doing it for close to 40 years. So here goes:

  1. Modern postcards can be had very cheaply online. There are tons available on eBay and other ePlatforms. Just be careful and don’t spend a lot of money on postcards. Chances are, you won’t be able to resell them.

  2. I do believe you should charge shipping for the postcards you sell. I structure my shipping this way: $1.50 to US buyers for the first card, $0.00 for each additional card purchased at the same time and shipped in the same package. With International, it’s also $1.50 + $.20 for each additional card.

  3. I do not buy multiples if I can help help it.

  4. For many years, I sold postcards on eBay. I ceased doing business on eBay February 2021. Their policies have driven many sellers away. I basically stick to selling stamp-related items there now. When I stopped doing bushiness with eBay, I opened my own store on HipPostcard. Not the scope of eBay, but I control my own store and can build my business. Here is the link to my store if you wish to take a peek:

  1. I would just be very cautious with the aim of your venture. Many members here claim they are looking for sources of good postcards, but I have found that few carry through on that…at least in my own case. So if you intend to sell postcards, broaden your audience to all potential buyers - not exclusively Postcrossing.

Hi! I am an ordinary postcrosser from Russia and I will answer 2 questions:
2. Many Russian online stores have free delivery of postcards when ordering for a certain amount. That’s about $10. I usually choose this offer, it seems to me that it is profitable: to pay more for postcards, and not for delivery. When ordering for a smaller amount, the shipping cost is about 1.2 -1.5 dollars, but I rarely make such an order. I prefer to wait until the store has more postcards to choose from.
3. No, I buy all the postcards for 1 piece. I like variety. Rarely do I buy 2-3 identical postcards and only when it is a popular request for direct exchanges. But I know that others buy several identical postcards. So it’s individual.
As a person connected with business (not postcards), I would like to warn you that now is not the best time to open. But if you decide - make an accurate business plan, analytics and other calculations.

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I only ever buy anything online when there is free shipping. Many many sellers on eBay and Etsy offer this. I don’t even see the others as I search with the filter.

It depends what the postcard is in terms of what I would pay. Is it original art that you are offering? In that case, if I liked it, I would pay up to $2.00 CAD for it. Otherwise, $1 would be my max but I typically pay $0.30 to $0.75.

If cards are cheaper, I buy multiples. Otherwise, I buy one.


I bought from Redbubble some years ago and again recently.
Their quality has significantly deterioriated! I would stay away from them.

People on Etsy charge up to $2 per postcard (Loupaper) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: or compitor at $1.75 each.
That’s just too much! I can buy postcards direct from an area company at .26 when I buy a large order. On the road I find cards anywhere from 3 for $1 to $1. They have to be very good quality for $1.

Many cards made these days are too thin. I’d aim for sturdy cards that
can withstand the punishment of the mail system.

I purchase some postcards from “Designs by Heather Myers” on Zazzle and buy multiples of her cards that are favorites with Postcrossers. To find her search for Halloween postcards.

Best of luck!

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