Admins changing my topic with no context

I recently posted a topic about bad experiences and scams in direct swaps, wanting to know more about the people that has been scammed, and not about other people good experiences, because there is a pinned topic about that already.

About 20 minutes after posting my topic, I see that it has been changed into another topic as a comment, losing all of its context and making it look random. No one wrote me a message about this, nor anyone gave me an explanation, instead they changed it into an already existing old topic, which centers more into the perks of making direct swaps on the main website and information I wasn’t searching for.

I wonder if I could create again my topic without anyone relocating it.

If the admins see this, I would be very happy to receive a response.

The topic it has been changed to:

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I guess the reason is that now the topic sounds more open to exchange experiences rather than just shaming …

Edited to say that yes, it seems like your topic was merged. Discussion in the thread matches what you were looking for. Keeps the forum slim, too, since no threads are ever deleted.


Yes, that’s what the moderators do - is to fit similar topics under one umbrella topic otherwise we would likely have dozens or hundreds of similar topics out there which serves no one.

Having read that thread, I think it’s the right place for your question - there are many posts there about problems with direct swaps on the Forum & the main site.

There’s also generally a limit on how much or how long a less positive thread can go on and on your subject in particular, I suspect the challenge would be that individual members would be identified and that’s not too useful either and isn’t allowed.

Postcrossing is pretty clear that people participate in the Forum at your own risk. I’m sorry you & others have some bad experiences - is it possible that your trades just didn’t arrive because of mail issues? That does happen regularly on the official site & it happens on the Forum too.

The vast majority of people I have traded with in the last year, like 98% in several 100 trades, do what they say they’re going to do without any issues. I hope things get better for you.


I don’t think his intention was to shame people, by the look of his post. From the way he worded it, he’s simply asking for advice on what to avoid.

@MPetisco, I doubt that your topic-mover had nefarious intentions–I think that he/she was just trying to keep similar topics together. I hope you get some good responses and advice! :relaxed:


Yeah, not the best wording on my part.
Although the internet makes shaming so easy … :confused:


It’s true. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But I can vouch for our OP and his good heart. :heart: Sometimes the mods leave a note explaining why they moved/merged the topic, so I can see @MPetisco’s cause for concern when they didn’t. I think this is just a case where no harm was intended on either side. It happens. :blush:

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Exactly, that’s why sometimes topic are moved to existing threads. It’s way more useful to have all answers on a certain topic in one thread than having to exchange the informations again and again… If everybody opened their own topics on the same or similar questions and themes, the forum would get crammed and confusing. For regular members willing to share their experiences, repetitions can get exhausting, and then newer members opening topics don’t get useful response anymore. I experienced this in other forums and really appreciate the moderators’ work to keep it tidy here. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S.: I saw @MPetisco 's new topic yesterday, with the moderator’s message that it was merged into an already existing thread.
Others can find this new message in the old thread too, by using the function “latest”, which I always do after browsing the section “new”.


Hello @MPetisco

I moved your question to the other topic, because in this topic people have written about their experiences with direct swaps, both good and not so good ones.
Merging topics is something that admins and moderators often have to do to keep the forum slim (as other users wrote already), because only a few topics are deleted. This is how we make sure that the forum remains good readable now and also in the future.

If one of us does this, you will receive a notification from the system so that you know where your post/topic has gone.
And I wrote you a message in your topic that I moved your question because we have already a topic where we discuss about experiences with direct swaps.
Unfortunately, someone deleted your topic before you could read my message.
I’m sorry that happened, but even we make mistakes now and then.


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