Address Labels - My Solution

I’ve hit upon a system that works pretty well for me, thought I’d share.

Latin alphabets I can deal with pretty well, hand-writing an address, but when my recipient also offers their address in an Asian, etc, font, I’m hopeless. I have no clue as to which little flick or tick might be significant.

I tried printing out the ‘artwork’ PostCrossing sends onto a piece of paper, then scissoring it out and taping it down to the card. That wasted most of a sheet of paper each time and felt really unsatisfying. PostCrossing does suggest including an address, if available, in the recipient’s native language to speed delivery.

My solution:

I bought myself a packet of ‘self stick address labels’ – in particular some house-brand Avery-8660 1" x 2-5/8" laser labels. If you use MS apps you can probably import the template straight into your word-processor. If you think in metric, there’s probably an equivalent.

The beauty part…when I bring up my ‘working address doc’ up, the last used address was saved. I’ll copy/paste in the new address below the earlier one, delete the earlier one and save the doc again. Then carefully orient the previously used label sheet into the printer hopper. After printing, peel off the label, scissor to the appropriate width, and stick to the card. You just have to be careful to get the label-sheet into the hopper in the right orientation.

I’ve run this first sheet of labels through my laser 8-9 times already with no sign of the unused labels beginning to peel up. When/if they do, I’ll toss this sheet and grab the next one in the pack.

At 12-13 pt font I can usually get four rows of address onto a label. For the card I sent to China, I printed it in Latin, a second time in the Chinese font. It may have taken 2 1/2 labels? But the Chinese was legible.

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Maybe I understand something completely wrong but it sounds very complicated and time consuming to me :see_no_evil:

I just copy the address (either latin or cyrillic ect.) from the E-Mail and paste it into my label sheet (P-Touch Printer but also Avery labels via the Avery Design Software, when I print more at once).

By the way: I also did use the same Avery sheet every time I needed it. It always worked. But one day…one label peeled off…it was a “funny” afternoon to repair the printer. Fortunately it was an outsourced laser printer as it was way too big for the space under my desk. But if you depend on the printer be aware an already used label sheet can ruin your printer. Also Avery strongly recommends not to use the same label sheet more than once due to this reason.

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I do something similar, however I tend to paste all the addresses I need to send at once before printing. I may take up your habit of leaving the last address saved to allow you easy access to the next available sticker.

Only my opinion, but paper is so cheap. For years I have been printing out the addresses, cutting and pasting them to the card. If your suggestion works for you, go with it.

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What kind of paste do you use?

I tend to print out my addresses and stick them to the cards using a tape roller. It works for me. That being said, I only use paper that’s already been printed on for this purpose so I don’t feel too bad about the portion that I waste.

Angelthecat: I think we were doing the same thing, I just used waaay more words to describe it.

And I get the caution about running the sheet of labels through more than once. I’ve run this sheet through about 10 times with no sign of peeling up yet. I’ll inspect closely before further uses. The number of times one can ‘get away with it’ might also depend on the paper path through the printer, how tight the bends are. And now you’ve got me thinking I could change from an ‘S’ path to a ‘C’ by using the manual-feed tray…

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Eu tento copiar as moradas todas para o meu bloquinho/agenda e depois em excel criei uma espécie de etiquetas e escrevo lá. Então fica tudo escrito em computador, com uma moldurinha muito simples à volta, e nessa folha vai as moradas todas para enviar. Se vir que ainda sobra espaço, coloco lá as minhas etiquetas com a minha morada também. Porque eu também tenho etiquetas assim para a minha morada. No fim, é imprimir, cortar e colar, nos envelopes ou postais e poupa imenso espaço.

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Thank You!!