Additional columns for location in sent/received lists

Hi! I just thought it would be convenient for many location-based bingos to have columns for region and city in the sent and received lists on the profile page as additional options. It would make joining bingos and updating lists way less time-consuming. What do you think about this and would it be a great effort to add these?


I think there is no need for another column in the send / received list as Bingos are not part of the official Postcrossing site.


It’s true, that bingos are not an official pc-activity, but the location info can also be interesting for people who don’t participate in bingos but are for
other reasons interested in where they have sent cards to or received from. I think this info is not more or less important than all the columns which are already there. And since all the columns on this page are optional to switch on or off, the list wouldn’t get too crowded. But as I wrote, this is not important but would be a convenient change, if it’s not too complicated programming wise and if there are no other reasons against it.


I support your idea.

There is an easy option to see it (except when you’re only on Postcrossing with mobile devices):

Go to any postcard’s site, like this one: SE-201089

Than hover over the country’s name and you will see the exact location (city + county / state / whatever subdivision that country uses):



I think we all know this way of retrieving location info and it’s nice for one or a few cards, but when you want to get this info for many or all of your cards, it’s super inconvenient to open every single postcard page and hover over the user name instead of scrolling through a list. Since this data is already there, I was wondering why it is hidden like this and not easily accessible in the list (as optional column).

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Echoing your suggestion (to my understanding), I think a pie chart/column in the stats page showing from how many/which countries/regions one has sent cards would be informative for both the very users and other stats visitors. After all, there are users with higher transnational mobility and their transnationalism speaks volumn for themselves and the PC project.

That’s something different than what I meant. I meant to add a “sent to” column in the sent list and a “sent from” column in the received list. What I am interested in is my partner’s location for every single card in a list whereas you are interested in showing your own location summarized in a diagram.

Cool. Then I can open a new thread for transnationalism related stats.

Your idea sounds very good.:+1:t2:
I plan to hang a world map on my wall and pin every received/sent country and penpals…and for example in the USA I want to mark every state, so yesterday it was a lot of work to go through every card for/from the USA. :sweat_smile::crazy_face:

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I know it doesn’t matter what I, as one person, think - but I never felt the need for anything like this. I like to see where I send to or receive from in the moment I send/receive, but that’s it. But then I’m not a stats or bingo person.

On a bigger, less personal level… If w e add more details, where do we stop? If we have location added, will then someone ask to have more detail? E.g. an even more exact location? And then someone else will feel the need for something else in the list and so on. I personally find things great as they are and with many suggestions I often think “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” :sweat_smile:


It is as you write: what information is or is not “interesting” varies from person to person. For example I personally am not at all interested in user rankings, travel time/distances, “postcrossing in numbers” on the front page or most of the blog posts, but others might be and so I just ignore these parts of the website and am happy that others can enjoy this. Not every bit of the website has to be interesting to every user…

I agree with the first quote, that it’s difficult to draw the line between useful information and information overload. But what I’m asking for is not to add new information to the site, but to make information, which already is there (on the postcard page, hidden behind the country link), more easily accessible. That users have to take the detour via every single postcard page to gain this info while it could be so easily accessible, does indeed feel like “broken” to me.

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Do you know that we can fake our location in Postcrossing? :sweat_smile:

Please see my address below

My address is in Jakarta Pusat city, DKI Jakarta province. Actually I should chose Jakarta Pusat in city/place field as my location.
But look at city/place (location) I chose. It says Depok. Depok is not even in DKI Jakarta province, it’s in West Java province. :smiley: I can even choose another city in different island faraway in eastern part of Indonesia :smiley:

Do we still really need column for location?

@Bille (you are bingo moderator, aren’t you? – forgive me if I’m wrong :sweat_smile: )
I think bingo based on location is not 100% accurate. Let’s say largest cities of the world bingo. In this bingo you can received bingo when you sent or received from largest cities of the world, one of them is Jakarta, Indonesia.

When someone received card from me, actually they can mention that they received card from Jakarta. But they can’t because I chose fake location in a small city called Depok :smiley:
Vice versa. When someone lives in small city but they choose Jakarta as their location, the receiver of their card will count it as bingo while actually it’s not :smiley:

But why do you fake it?

Privacy. Everyone who logs in to Postcrossing can see your location. Imagine you are living in a small town or village.

For me, I don’t have intention to fake my location :smiley:
My address is a PO Box in a Post Office near my office. My location is actual city where I live. Yes, I live and work in 2 different cities.
I commute everyday :smiley:

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I’m well aware, that the database is just as good as the input it gets from us users. But I guess the vast majority of users indicates their hometown or the next bigger town closeby in this field.