Adding medal icons in one's received interface

PC at the moment puts ruler and envelop icons on pages of leading PCers in their countries and regions, and puts red medal icons after PC supporters’ usernames on one’s received interface.



As inspired by the ongoing winter Olympic games,


I wonder whether PC can add sort of medal icons after the top 3 PCers in certain countries and regions who appear on one’s received interface, which pays extra tribute to the pioneering senders, and stands as a reminder to the recipients that they have received cards from top senders.


I think it would make it feel more like a competition.
I just want Postcrossing to stay simple.


Though @yirobinson has an excellent point, like a homage to the pioneers, given all the effort, resources and time contributed to reach that milestone.

On the other hand, Postcrossing has carefully designed these icons showing the ranks discreetly (upon hover on desktop, when clicked on mobile devices).

Besides, the sent/received cards tally on the profile already says a lot. :slight_smile: