Add pronouns to the forum profile

Hi! Every user can choose their pronouns (she/he/they) on the website, which is a helpful option. But when it comes to forum users, it takes extra steps to find person’s pronouns in their website profile and going back to forum. I suggest to add pronouns in the main forum profile and the short profile (when click on the picture)


I just want to clarify, the word you need is pronouns (he, she, they, etc) the word pronounces means the way a word is spoken out loud. Auto correct can be a pain at times!


I’ve changed the title. :wink:


That would be handy, I agree.

Hi, thanks for the clarification! I edited the post

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Just want to consider that many people like me don’t want to have this information on theier official profile or in the forum. Besides that there are also people who don’t have or wish for a certain identity.
I personally don’t mind if people use the wrong pronoun when they don’t know.
For that reason I also would not look it up on the profile buw use some other wording so I don’t need that info.


I understand that, that’s why there is the option to not specify the gender on the site. For some people (like me) it’s important to not misgender/be misgendered since in some languages the gender of the conversation partner is very important and cannot be ignored due to the features of the language (for example, in Russian when using verbs)


Oh, thank you for explaining! I didn’t know that.

I agree this would be useful, as long as it was optional information - we could choose to fill it in or not.

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I, personally, would really appreciate that. I think it’s very important to refer to people correctly. I end up just refering to everyone as “they” here to try to be as inclusive as possible but that can be offensive to some who are often misidentified or have their genders assumed.


We finally got around implementing this! Pronouns should start appearing on user cards and forum profiles.

These are imported from the Postcrossing profile during the login step (and kept in sync afterwards), so for some it may take some days for it to show up, when the session expires and automatically renews (this is all done automatically every few days). If you want to have your own shown sooner, just logout & login again on the forum and that should do the trick.


Ooh, I can see them! That’s pretty cool, I like that the forum also has them now. It feels like it brings things more together between the main site and here :slight_smile:

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