Actors and musician postcards

I wonder where people buy photopostcards of The Beatles and Co, or George Clooney and others. the same to cinema postcards.
I buy very much online but hardly find this kind of cards except very expensive ones on ebay for example or graphics of famous people (I hate this).
Can enybody help??

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I live near a shop which usually sells postcards about actors, they are awesome. The background its my city, Cádiz. So the actor is drawn inside places of my city.

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I live in a 60 000 inh city, not so small let’s say but I have never found such cards in a shop.

I moved this topic to “Where to get postcards” and added the tag “celebrities”.

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Many actors or musicians are living in the Swiss or Austrian Alps. It’s not too difficult to find cards portraying them in book or paper shops near their home. Some of their old residences are converted into a museum with a well sorted shop, sometimes with online sales. Just beware of additional shipping costs.

On Thursday I’m going to go to this shop, to buy some postcards and if you want I can buy one for you. They are usually of characters of movies, for example The Big ban theory in Cádiz Cathedral.

If you want, you can give to me some ideas of films or series that you like. And we can turn this in to a postcard exchange because I’m looking for postcards about differents theaters around the world (the building) if this is possible for you contact with me.

Julia :performing_arts::two_hearts::ceuta_and_melilla::hibiscus:

I ordered those once and they were well received.

On Amazon, the Glamour of the Gods: Boxed Postcards features cinema cards.

You can find lots & lots of wonderful Beatles postcards (and many others) on etsy:

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I dont know if he will answer on where he buys his postcards but I sure enjoy reading his blog.

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Hello Julia!
Thank you very much for your friendly offer!
Do you also collect theatre inside and opera houses? In this case I can send you a pc of Austrians smallest theatre house but I have only inside view and a card Of Viennas opera and volksoper house.
If you agree you can buy three cinema/musicians/actors card in return - any will do, I adore surprises!
best wishes

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thank you so much for your friendly help

great idea! thank you so much!

you are all so helpfull and I thank you so much for your precise advice!
best wihes

Hello Renate! You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: yes! I collect them too so let’s exchange 3 postcards each other with this thematic. Films, actors or musicians for you and theaters, operas for me.

Best regards, let’s change our addresses!!

I may be able to help. My tutor is a photographer who prints beautiful, professional quality postcards. He recently started a series of movie star portraits. (He has two different Beatles cards also.) I would be happy to send you some samples – free of charge, of course.

Let me know if you are interested.


Hello Alison!
Of course I am interested in two Beatles cards thank you so much for your friendly and surprising offer!
But tell me at least what you want back as present!
best wishes