Account memorialization

How Postcrossing handles accounts of person who left this earthly world. Is there any process of memorializing their account.

We need to come up with an policy before legal battle on this begins.

Interested to know if there are any rules and open for members opinion.

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There are no memorial accounts, but we regular postcrossers have almost no means to know what officially happens to account of the users have suddenly passed away. What I have seen, these accounts may be left behind as with any account whose owner has lost interest in postcrossing or otherwise disappeared (this was the case of a profile of which owner I knew had passed away). If the family of the deceased has access to the owner’s creditials, I guess in that case they can terminate the account or in some cases leave a message behind about a sudden passing away.

@paulo or @meiadeleite can maybe shed some light on this.


Yes, it’s a bit like @Regndroppar explained: the accounts are mostly just left as inactive, as in the majority of cases we have no reliable way of checking whether a Postcrossing member is alive or dead.

That said, if the family of deceased has access to login details or we are contacted by them, we can help. Sometimes relatives want to continue the hobby, sometimes they want the account to be closed, and sometimes they prefer to post a notice on it letting people know that their friend has passed away.