Accidentally registered a postcard

… I have not received yet.

Today I got a card from Germany where one digit in the ID was missing. So, I tried to find out what the missing digit might be, by playing around with the ID and accidentally registered a legitimate ID of another card that was sent to me as well. Oops!

I’m sure I’ll get this card soon, but the ID for the card I have actually received today I still don’t know. Have asked Postcrossing now to find the ID for me. Do not want to unwillingly register more cards that are still travelling.

What a strange coincidence … :blush:


Yes, it is - the mysteries & serendipitous events of Postcrossing!

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It turned out that both postcards - the one with the incomplete ID and the one that is actually still travelling - have consecutive ID’s.

Additionally, both show a Japan theme. Thanks a lot, dear German Postcrossers, for sticking to my favorites! :heart_eyes:


Consecutive digit cards aren’t all that uncommon. Something to do with the Postcrossing algorithm and how many cards you are due and so on and so forth I guess.

Just blindly guessing at a missing last number in an ID could be more likely than most people think to end up in a “false positive.”

Glad you got your own coincidence sorted out!

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