About the Postcrossing Member who sends/receives cards to/from you in the past!

This is really interesting subject.
I am habit of checking on the member who sends/receives cards to / from me.
As i have been postcrossing since 10 years, the initial senders/receivers i met almost 10 years back…
Today i was checking one such profile,
Its Mr Vincent from Singapore, who sent me SG-48570, on 19 september 2011. (The picture of the card is my AVATAR currently !!!)
I wanted to say hi to him but realised his last card sent was 8 years back, also he was a senior citizen in his late 50’s 10 years back. Hope he is Healthy and doing good.

so my question is has any one tried checking on their past senders/receivers ? How was the experience ? love to hear those stories :slight_smile:


My first postcrossing card to go to Brazil I sent almost 9 years ago to a then 98 years old member. A few years later I was answering somebody’s question about the oldest and youngest postcrossers I ever “met” - and that’s when I went back to that Brazilian profile to check my facts. He was no longer active by then, and would already have been over 100 years old. So while most postcrossers quit their hobby just because they get bored or can no longer afford it, in his case, I’m afarid, the reason is rather obvious.

The youngest postcrosser I ever “wrote” to, by the way, was a 6 years old boy from Russia. (I didn’t really “write” to him, but drew a picture story.) He’s still around, as I just checked, though not very active. In fact it looks more like his parents are keeping it going for his younger brother…


I have thought of this before during this pandemic, but I haven’t personally messaged anyone yet. Majority of postcrossers who sent cards to me went inactive, and some who had their accounts deleted.

Personally, if I were to be checked up by another postcrosser who have sent a card to me after 10 years, I would really be happy.


Love your experience Ludek :slight_smile:

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Abby, How are you friend ?
Well lets exchange private swap,
then after 10 years, i will be checking on you :slight_smile:


I just looked at the card he sent you, then went to his profile. He called himself a senior, but also said he was in his late 50s. Maybe late 50s is considered senior in his culture but in the US it wouldn’t be till he was in his 60s. He is now in his 60s and in any case is a senior but not ancient. So he is most likely still around.

But he is not around on Postcrossing, because his last activity was in 2012. So you should feel free to send a nice note, but most likely he will not respond since he’s not on Postcrossing. But, who knows, if he gets notified through his email, he may come back on and respond to you!

Good luck, whatever you do.


I thought so and sent a message on his postcrossing profile.
Thanx for reply :slight_smile:

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