About the postal routes between countries around the world and mainland China

Hello, everyone. I learned on the Postcrossing forum in my country that countries such as the United States, the Czech Republic, and Austria have cut off postal routes with mainland China, but I don’t know if this information is true.
If anyone in the US, Czech Republic and Austria has specific information, please let me know.
Also, which countries are currently unable to send letters (postcards) to mainland China through their own postal systems?


Earlier this year I managed to send 2 postcards to PRC. That when the surface mail service was still open (Paket Pos biasa LN). I don’t know why they closed surface mail service to China~ maybe because of constant lockdown there? I hope the service will be reopened soon as I have sent few cards to China w/o return addresses


Thank you for your informations.
At present, my city, Nanjing, has not been blocked. However, due to the negligence of a city government cadre in Shanghai, this place has been blocked. Moreover, most international mails from China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) must pass through Shanghai’s. . . . . .

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You should always check the information in the Postal Monitor - it is usually up to date & quite accurate.

According to the Postal Monitor, the US & the Czech Republic can send mail to China but Austria cannot at this time.


Even India Post is not accepting mails to China because of constant lockdowns. None of my mails in the last 1 month has reached the recipients :frowning:


Thanks for the info, but I don’t think this list is accurate.

Well the updates for the US & the Czech Republic are dated April 29th & 30th, so I think they are.


I double-checked the Austian postal website. It’s still not possible to send cards to China from there.


The postal monitor is updated regularly. If you check the postal monitor and the thread :postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts (thank you for reporting with official info from a postal agency) you’ll see this.
And the information in the postal monitor is based on official statements from the postal services in each country. So it’s very accurate.


Just checked USPS website. First Class letters and cards are still available. The suspension notice specified Priority Mail only (typically parcels and expedited letters). Some expedited services are also suspended like GXG and Priority Express with guarantee (available without promised time currently).