About the Europa stamps

I am very interested in all the Europa stamps and I really appreciate the fact that one can vote for our favorite stamp. However, I can’t find the results. Is it normal?
And second question: who decides which country can be part of the “project”? I saw that it is now impossible to vote for Belarus and Russia, have they been excluded despite having already issued Europa stamps for 2022?
Thanks a lot for your answers!


1.you can vote from 9 may to 9 septemper, only after 9 september you can find the risults
2.all of the Countries that issued an europe stamp for 2022 before 9 september can join the competition but Ukraina, Russia and Belarus are not in because of the war

Thank you @Jupie for the information! But I don’t get it; why are the three countries excluded? What is the link between stamps and the war?
And second questions: where are the results? For the previous contests, I did not find anything, I am curious about who won in 2021.
But grazie for answering!

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right or not, it is a fact: as in sport as in philately Russia and Belarus are not in many competitons at the moment
Ukraina is not in because of the crisis of the Country: you can find infos about how Ukraine will join the competition for 2023 here


Uh you mean results for the previous years? Search on google “europa stamps winners” and the first result is a pdf with the list for each year

OK, you are amazing! I was just surprised at first, because I thought that Ukrain had been excluded, as if it was as responsible for the war as Russia. And I am still a bit surprised that they didn’t prepare any Europa stamp before the war, as I guess postal services think about it maybe one year before the official.
And don’t worry if you don’t find the results from the previous year, I searched on a lot of websites but could not find anything… :confused:

Try to search on google “europa stamps winners” and the first result is a pdf with the list - I cannot upload it unfortunately but it is quite simple to find

Italy has not issued europa stamp for 2022, no news and probably no competition for us too… but due to a not-so-good managing of philately :roll_eyes:

Oh thank you so much! I promise I tried to find it, searching “Europa stamps contest winner” but did not find…
Anyway, thanks a lot @jupie and @bom_dia for your help!

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@Aguaroble, try this link:

Thank you my dear! You are all so helpful and amazing, that’s what I like in this community :blush:

The country/postal agency has to also be member of PostEurop (earlier CEPT) to be able to join the competition. There are some countries that do issue stamps according the theme and some collectors counts these as Europa stamps, but they can’t enter the competition or have the Europa logo on the stamp.

I have found this blog as a good source to keep on date about Europa stamps: https://europa-stamps.blogspot.com/

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Thank you @Kompis-Ninna for this information!