About postcard from China full filled stamps on it?

Is anyone confused about receiving a postcard from China covered in small postage stamps (1.2 or 1.5 Chinese yuan, usually 4-5 stamps are required to ship to oversea)?

China Post has not issued small-sized, high-postage stamps for many years. This has resulted in many postcards sent from China being full filled with stamps, leaving no room for writing content.


I love postcards from China when there are lots of stamps on them. I hadn’t realised that this was the reason why. Now I know :grinning:. Thanks for the explanation.


Yes, This is a troubling question, especially when you want to have enough space to write. Most Chinese stamps don’t meet the high postage requirements for international airmail. The stamps used at my local post office are a combination of 4.2 and 0.8 denominations, but personally, I find them too large and not very attractive. If you’re looking for good-looking, appropriately sized high-denomination regular stamps, the best choice is the 2004 China Birds (Part I) series. All the stamps in this series, including the five and six yuan denominations, are the same size. Another option to consider, although it’s a bit larger, is the 1993 Mao Zhu five yuan stamp.


But many people will buy discounted stamp from Taobao. Most of the stamps postage is 1.2Y/1.5Y

Using Taobao is indeed one of the most convenient channels. The two stamps I mentioned are also available at a discount on Taobao. However, the issue is that if you want to use a variety of stamps, taking up a large amount of space is almost inevitable because these stamps have a low denomination. Another option is to use envelopes, but some postcrossers don’t like that. :thinking:

What about the 3 yuan 恭贺新禧 stamp?

Going by air is the best option, and it costs five yuan, so there are various combinations of stamp denominations. Here are some possible combinations
It seems unavoidable that most people choose to have their postcards covered in stamps…

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I love postcards with a lot of stamps.


Not really. I think many Chinese postcrossers do not want to write much, so they rather put stickers or washi tape or even more stamps instead of writing much more than greetings. To me that is a bit disappointing, for I prefer to read a personal message on the card.

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Thank you very much for this information! I did not know there are no commemorative stamps in China for airmail postcards.

I do like lots of stamps on my postcards, so I don’t mind. And I have gotten postcards from China with a lot of writing on it. I can understand when Chinese Postcrossers are not writing very much - for English they need to use unfamiliar letters. I can write Greek and Cyrillic (only capital) letters, but I’m not very comfortable with it, so I keep messages short. Chinese Postcrossers have my fully sympathy if they decide to keep their English messages short. :innocent:

Actually there’re some 2 yuan and 3 yuan commemorative stamps in China, we also have few sets of wild animal stamps and there’re some high value stamps.

Most of our souvenir sheet stamps are 6 yuan high value stamps, but the size is big and not very suitable for a postcard.
Here’s an example, the postcard is standard size 10*15, and the souvenir sheet stamp is the one below.

Besides writing postcards, I also collect stamps and special postmarks. There’re so many commemorative stamps and we can definitely find some to send postcards internationally:)
Thank you for understanding that some Chinese postcrossers are not writing very much. I do like to write a lot but it’s a bit challenging for me to write in English at the beginning (I just joined this year). I was worried about making silly mistakes and sometimes I didn’t know what should I write. And I noticed many postcrossers like decorations on the cards so I also decorate them. I guess I can write more and share more now and I’d love to do that!


Wo is perfect? Me not! Luckily we are all imperfect human beings, not roboters! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, please!

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Thank you! I did encounter some awkward situations before and now I pay more attention:)

these stamps issued 20-years ago.

the postage of 2.8/3.7/5.4 is the exactly postage to send oversea with just one stamp.

But after 20-years, the postage changed.

5Y required for air mail postcard.
4.5Y required for SAL postcard.
3.5Y required for Surface postcard.

There are no commemorative stamps of suitable postage. You can send it overseas using 1 or 2 stamps.

Thank you for reminding me the postage, I also send out cards and I know the postage pretty well.
But we actually have this two sets of stamps that contain a 4.5 yuan stamp.

And the set of Taixingshan stamps, issued last month, contains a 3 yuan stamp and a 1.5 yuan stamp.

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Having been lucky to receive many cards from you, I think your cards are wonderful! You strike an excellent balance between using multiple beautiful stamps (often quite large size) AND writing a meaningful personal message. As someone who also knows the delicate balance of using 3+ stamps on a fully written card, I understand that it takes effort. I really enjoy swapping and tagging with you!

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Just a question about postage from China. I received an official postcard today that was sent 78 days ago. Is this enough postage from China to the US? I’ve received a few others from China with multiple stamps with various denominations on them so I was just curious. This is the only stamp on the card. Thanks.

Send a postcard to other countries by air mail cost CNY 5 yuan, and 3.5 yuan by Surface.

This stamp’s value is CNY 6 yuan.
Background is high speed road of Qin Dynasty.

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